Where it all began

Fancy meeting you here

Born with a natural sense of curiosity, analytical mind, and creative streak, I learned to appreciate the power of persuasive writing and realized its distinctive value for marketing.

Effective storytelling is magic and science. That’s why I started The Campbell Agency— to dispense the elixir ⚗️

I love the challenge of distilling complex concepts, injecting life into any subject, absorbing new information while preserving a historical gaze and shifting perceptions along the way. Bonus: I can put my eerie ability to articulate people's thoughts to good use.

Founding The Campbell Agency was never in my master plan, but what was once unexpected now feels inevitable.

What We Do

The Voice of the Brand

Make your content worthy of your audience’s attention. Accomplished through a cocktail of empathy, data, history, stories, and delightful tidbits, you can communicate creatively and effectively

The Voice of the Boss

C-suite execs / founders / business owners tend to prioritize operating / scaling the company, and just don’t have the time / bandwidth to sit down and craft thoughtful: interviews, speeches, presentations, personal brand pieces.

Marketing Strategy

Our new world order is redefined daily. Personalized, real-time marketing communication is a necessary investment to shrewdly navigate your path forward. I play the long game so you don't have to.

What's my name?

Kirsten Campbell, the Marketing Tornado

VW’s “Pink Moon” commercial ignited my interest in marketing and laid the track to where I am today. It likely won’t come as a shock that I’m on my third VW either.

When I’m not wearing client avatars, I can be found lurking online for the corporate pettiness, begrudgingly working out, indulging in red wine and BBQing.

Why am I The Marketing Tornado, you ask? Frankly, it’s easier than saying visionary / mindreader / junk robot of info / vivid storyteller / amateur historian / fun Type-A.


A special thanks to the immensely talented Mikayla Moore for the illustration. Mikayla specializes in character art, she can be reached on Instagram.

Is your brand struggling to find its voice? We can help.