Making A Marketing Tornado

I started my first business in high school as an ESL tutor for new Canadian families. I like to joke that the hours I spent teaching and doing my students’ homework (shhh) would make Malcolm Gladwell proud.

In 2008, I graduated from the Beedie School of Business directly into the fray of the Great Recession. As my marketing degree and I made our way through the job wasteland, I found myself exposed to a wide variety of industries, but it was ultimately too groundhog day (minus Bill Murray). Thus, I stepped off the cliff into self-employment and made my parachute as I was falling. Turns out, a Ghostwriter with a business degree is exceptionally handy ✍🏻.

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Tornado

I’ve been the ghost in the machine behind tens of millions of dollars worth of investments and won business. Pragmatic and objective, I absorb information and instinctively spot details and context invisible to others. My natural sense of curiosity, analytical mind, creative streak and eerie ability to articulate people’s thoughts makes me effective at balancing the magic and science of persuasive storytelling. Armed with a strategic eye and uncanny ability to read your DNA, I am adept at donning an avatar and striking forward.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what BCBusiness said in a recent profile about me…

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