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A Return to Ancient Times: How Skin in the Game Can Revolutionize American Business

Employers, employees — unite! Blood and sand An ancient Greek wrestling school required participants entering to ‘strip or retire’ because spectators weren’t welcome. You were in the ring or out the door. The person who risked nothing and owned no downside was perceived as shameless, dangerous and dishonorable. The absence of consequences stripped someone’s credibility to the…

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Why Entrepreneurs Outside the Margins Change the Status Quo

Being the default feels splendid because *gestures everywhere* life is tailored to your comfort, taste and priorities. Technology, cosmetics, professional industries, and even government structures are created with an ‘average’ consumer/user in mind. Now, don’t get me wrong. Being the norm while recovering from laser eye surgery, for example, is a gift; but not so much when…

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How Consumers Win Convenience and Quality in the Circular Economy

As Vancouverites, we were environmentally conscious during the Before Times, but the pandemic underscored the true interconnectivity of our community. The new focus on local has shifted how and where we shop everyday. So, what is the circular economy? This harmonized economy cleverly uses resources, reuse, repair and shared models, while waste is minimized or eliminated. Businesses produce…

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