Thank you for the kind words! These really blew me away 🌪
Rozmin Avatar
Hire A Santa

Working with Kirsten was a blast, I can see why she’s a Tornado. She quickly understood what I needed and was able to set the tone for my brand with one fantastic ‘About Us’ page. She totally nailed it, capturing everything I wanted to say—I love it.

Pam McEwin Avatar
Pam McEwin
Fulfill Shoppe

As business owners and entrepreneurs our company is our passion. It can be really hard to bring another person onboard and trust that they understand your vision. Working with Kirsten has been an incredible experience. In one meeting she was able to understand our passion, vision, voice and heart. She has taken stress off our plate and consistently gives us work that is beyond our expectations and always helps us drive our business forward.

Ronald Dillard Jr Avatar
Ronald Dillard Jr

Old-school values with new school flavor, Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to Introduce The Incredible Ms. Campbell!

Kirsten Campbell is a pro, the definition of professional, personable, and knowledgeable. Let’s talk about a lost art found in today’s business; a lost art called great customer service. Kirsten’s customer service is exceptional. Her attention to detail, preparation, and passion she gives in each session keep you engaged while making you feel lucky to be in a room learning from her. Her energy fills the session with purpose and reassurance that you are in great hands, and you can feel the love she has for what she does. I am better for meeting her, and I look forward to learning and working with her for years to come.

Andrew Scherle Avatar
Andrew Scherle
Owner of Early Creative

I first met Kirsten at a networking meetup in 2019. Her upbeat positive energy is hard to forget, when it came time that I needed a copywriter for my email newsletters, I immediately thought of Kirsten.

Kirsten took my task very seriously and was eager to understand the audience I was reaching as well as the tone I wanted to portray in my newsletter. She took when I had written and elevated it to be professional and give it a sense of personality. I loved working with Kirsten, anyone that works with her will feel valued and heard!

Natalie Labelle Avatar
Natalie Labelle
Owner, Natalie Labelle Graphic Design

Kirsten helped me create a brand voice and wrote content that was perfect for my social media posts and for my weekly networking presentations. I was in a rut trying to come up with more engaging presentations and she helped immensely with that.

Tanja Powell Avatar
Tanja Powell

We recently built a new website and were not happy with the boring content writing provided with our contract. Kirsten was able to cut through the ho humdrum writing and create a unique voice that reflected Powell Painting! We are thrilled.

Carl Kwan Avatar
Carl Kwan
CEO, Kwan Multimedia

Two of the biggest challenges businesses face are standing out amongst the crowd and finding good people who provide excellent service. Kirsten and the service she provides at the Campbell Agency ticks both boxes with giant, bright red checkmarks. She has an innate sense of how to communicate through written words that is a unique combination of knowing what’s going on in the world and how it relates to your business. Kirsten also has the skill and experience to provide clear direction when it comes to marketing strategy and growing your brand. Kirsten helps us with content for our clients and we regularly consult her for marketing strategy. The work she provides is always top-notch and on point. She is also straightforward, honest, works hard and actually cares… Things that we need more so than ever. Work with Kirsten. We do. So should you.

Jeffrey Staller Avatar
Jeffrey Staller
President, Heritage Corporate Services, Inc.

What can I say about Kirsten and the Campbell Agency? She truly is the definition of a Marketing Rockstar! It doesn’t matter the industry, geography or demographic – she will target and identify the audience – in the most professionally and ethically way possible! There is no topic that is off limits, nor a crowd that she can’t wow over! I would recommend Kirsten and her Agency to anyone seeking reliable, effective Marketing!

Lloyd Brager Avatar
Lloyd Brager
CPA, CGA, L.R. Brager & Associates

Kirsten helped my business partner and I create a business plan prospectus to approach investors with. In a very painless process (for us anyway!) Kirsten took our ideas and random pieces of data and transformed them into a cohesive, succinct, well written format that was easy to read, easy to understand, and laid out everything part of the plan that we wanted conveyed. Her style of writing and ease of understanding what the potential readers or your message needs to hear and know are nothing short of fantastic!

Valerie Barry Avatar
Valerie Barry
KPA-CTP, Dog Partners

I have found Kirsten to be a very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful resource and I enjoy working with her. I would highly recommend her services.

Trish Neufield Avatar
Trish Neufield

Kirsten rewrote my corporate cookie-cutter bio and made me a relatable human. Then she took over my social media updates creating witty relevant and funny content that attracted the attention of clients who would not otherwise have engaged with me. She is a wordsmith and a marketing genius.

Ajene Watson Avatar
Ajene Watson
Chairman & CEO, DigitalAMN

I’m no fan of self-promotion. It’s intrusive and to some degree, disingenuous. However, Kirsten showed me how to be both genuinely present in the world, without giving up privacy. Where I can champion causes without seeming to shamelessly jockey for fame. The Campbell Agency did not offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution and was very compassionate, responsible, intuitive and forward thinking in crafting a marketing and communication’s strategy for me and my projects. They gave me confidence to begin stepping out into the world a bit more, and for that I am truly grateful to Kirsten.

Joe Rogers Avatar
Joe Rogers
Founder, WorkDone

It is my distinct honor to recommend Kirsten Campbell. From the beginning, I really appreciated her investing the time upfront to understand my needs and objectives (even when they weren’t clear to me). Her support has gone beyond the call of duty, often enlightening me with perspectives of my work that I hadn’t considered. I liken her to a Swiss Army knife of content creation and strategy. As both her heart and mind are in the right place, I am grateful for her collaboration and to have her as the catalyst behind our written expression.