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Numismatics: The Hobby That Transcends Time

The kids are alright

It’s easy to reflexively blame smartphones and technology for changes in taste and culture, but the culprit is rarely that simple. Hours of homework and extracurriculars burden today’s students because the pressure to get into post-secondary schools is daunting. Additionally, our educational system seems to have gradually shifted more importance on science and tech, rather than history and social studies. Students are competing for fewer opportunities and tend not to have time to pursue leisure and hobbies the way previous generations could. Both curiosity and interest remain present in today’s young people, however, it seems they have simply become victims of circumstance and poor timing.

When many collectors reflect upon their initial interest in numismatics, it generally began with an interest in ancient civilizations, history, or an introduction from friends or family. Numismatics is a fascinating hobby that for centuries has captivated the attention of royalty and has continued to flourish with consistent new interest.

Human nature is consistent

See? Older generations have complained about young people’s technology since the beginning of time. Remember when the Motion Picture Association of America tried to ban video recorders because they’d make the film industry “bleed and bleed and hemorrhage?” Then in a bitter twist of irony, the video recorder actually saved the film industry. It’s no surprise many numismatic enthusiasts might feel like the hobby is going extinct, but that’s simply not the case.

Winter is coming

Game of Thrones dominated pop culture for years, proving that people’s enduring love of fantasy and history lives on. And, before GoT was on our collective cultural radar, World of Warcraft has been holding down the fort – the first challenge is a numismatics quest! These pop culture phenomena influenced generations of potential collectors, and will continue to do so.

Studying numismatics is an excellent way for students to learn history in their coursework. It would be wonderful to see teachers and parents support such a rich, hands-on learning experience. Instead of blaming smartphones, numismatics is actually primed to benefit from the ubiquitous technology. No one is giving up their smartphone, so we’re meeting people where they are. With the Meso App, available on Google Play and the App Store, anyone can use the AI software to learn about over 61,000 different banknotes that are part of the database.

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