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Obtainable Ghost

Analytical and creative, I absorb information and can see patterns and possibilities where others only see complexity. Part of my job and my modus vivendi is studying people, analyzing motivation and character. A ghost in the machine crafting professional profiles, ideating & creating content products—I am an extension of my client’s operation.

I regularly toggle between reputation (and crisis) management, research & competitive intelligence, creative content, communications strategy, media outreach and innovative problem solving.

  • Talking points & debriefs
  • Employer branding (including for other marketing agencies)
  • Ad copy
  • Knock & talks
  • All kinds of editing to clarify, imbue personality, persuade
  • Organic inbound content
  • Brand playbooks
  • Video games
  • Videogame and chatbot dialogue
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Ivy League admissions content (think: video scripts, essays)
  • Galvanizing speeches

“Be reasonable. Demand the impossible”

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