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May The Forest Be With You For Earth Day 2021

For what it’s earth

Founded in 1970, the original spirit of Earth Day was green living and to teach as many university students as possible about the earth. That’s actually why Earth Day is in April—because it’s before summer break. This green initiative received “electrifying” support from folks across the US who were also worried about the state of our planet and the effects of pollution. Since its plucky beginning, Earth Day has since gained worldwide momentum.

The earth means the world to us

This year’s theme to “Restore our Earth” is most certainly relevant, but it can kinda feel like being asked to solo climb Everest. Some days we can barely get out the door on time with shoes on, other days we’re the picture of put-together. That’s ok. Even on the best of days, we still forget to pack our travel mug.

Living sustainably doesn’t have to become a colossal undertaking— it’s a series of easy wins and simple choices that accumulate throughout the days and weeks. Don’t beat yourself up for dropping the ball, progress over perfection is the ultimate goal. If you forget your reusable mug (happens to the best of us!) just fire up Perk eco’s website to find a green cafe near you to still enjoy a guilt-free coffee. Sustainable living can play a practical role in our lives, not become a stressful addition to our already-heaping plates.

There is no planet B

We know protecting the earth is a serious global issue, but we can each collectively do our part. One voice holds the power to galvanize a nation. One light is enough to illuminate the darkness. Never underestimate the potential of one person—but together—our individual actions make a substantial impact. All forward motion is positive and worth celebrating. And remember: a journey is formed by single steps.

Curious how to make everyday Earth Day?

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